Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching is for people wanting to go from good to great. Looking at understanding themselves, their behaviours, perceptions, perspectives, so as to take themselves to the next level in their careers. 


How does it work?

  • Read and pick a coach of your choice.
  • Have a 30 minute chat through skype or phone with our coach.
  • Agree to the follow-up plan with the coach.


  • Offerings vary by coach and are mostly for leader or people aspiring to be in leadership roles.
  • Offerings are priced differently by different coaches.
  • Prices are mentioned in the offerings section of each coach.



Our Coaches

Bhavna Dalal


“Bhavna Dalal is a Leadership Development Specialist, ICF Certified Executive Coach PCC, Author of Team Decision Making (Available on Amazon), Forbes Columnist, Engineer, Entrepreneur"

Alpa Teli


Alpa has a ICF certified coaching credentials, with over 13 years of experience across verticals of Leadership Development, Talent Management, Competency Development, Learning & Development with companies like Godrej, Titan. She has trained with Coach for life and OD Alternatives. She has coached clients in the Pharma, FMCG, OD & Consulting, and Financial Services sectors. 

Sukh Mishra


Sukh Mishraa  is an ICF Certified Coach, a Mentor Coach and Supervisor, Author, Facilitator. She has over 700 hours of Client Coaching experience. She is a Certified Coach by ICF, Certified Coach by Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching, Associate Power Coach from CLI, Canada.

Ujjaval Buch
Ujjaval K Buch.jpg


Ujjaval has been a ICF certified, practicing coach since 2012, his professional experience spans over 16 primarily into Sales/marketing, CRM, Banking, Financial services and Insurance sector. He has worked with some of the finest groups like DHL, Kotak Mahindra,


Leadership Programs

Neuroscience for Leadership

This 2-day program explores the latest research from the brain sciences in demonstrating the ways in which leaders can significantly up their game, by not only improving their performance but also inspiring others into action so as to improve collective business performance.

Program Dates: Custom Program for Clients

Location: Custom Program for Clients

Neuroscience for Women

This one to two day program will help you to start exploring your natural strengths as a woman and how you can leverage them to lead.

Program Dates: Custom Program for Clients

Location: Custom Program for Clients

Science of the Art of Coaching

Be one of the first few people in the country to build capability in Applied Neuroscience. The program can be customized as per your requirements.  

SAC is an advanced and in-depth neuroscience based program spread over 10 months for HR professionals, experienced executive coaches and organisational consultants. This program is a game changer as it will profoundly change the way you influence and coach senior leaders.

SAC will help position you as an expert in applying neuroscience to an organisational context. You will be able to utilise the knowledge and tools you acquire in the program to create solutions and interventions for your organisation internally or for client organisations externally to significantly improve the way they develop leaders or engage with their workforce.

Program Structure: Two face to face teaching days every quarter (8 days total) with monthly webinars

Program Dates: Based on your needs.

Location: Delhi NCR

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are some coaches more expensive than others?

Each coach has his/ her own level of expertise and experience. All of our coaches have been vetted by Talent Socio, but they each offer something different.

Q: I’ve never done anything like this. What should I expect?

The deliverables depend on the service picked by you. As far as working with a coach, you will receive personalized attention from a very experienced expert who will best try and understand your career objectives and work towards meeting them. Expect a mix guiding questions, thought partnership, and action steps to help you with what comes next. Like any other relationship, the more you put into your sessions, the more you'll get out. Those who get the best results are receptive to feedback and open to doing the work after the session is over.

Q: This is a huge investment for me. What happens if I do not enjoy the service? Can I get a refund?

We have picked a very reputed set of experts, who have between them thousands of hours of consultation between them. After the initial free consultation, you can get a fifty percent refund if you do not see this working out after the first session with the coach, after that there will be no refund, unless determined otherwise by Talent Socio in consultation with the coach.

Q: How long does it take to start working with the coach?

After you show interest in a particular coach, your coach will get in touch with you within the next few days to schedule your free consultantion. Most coaches reply within one day. If you haven’t heard from your coach by then, just contact us @ opportunities@talentsocio.com

Q: Which coach/service do I need?

This depends on your needs. We get that your situation is unique, and it can be confusing trying to figure out what’s going to help you the most. You can learn about different coaches, thier philosophy from their respect links. If you still need help figuring it out, don’t worry! You can send us an email - opportunities@talentsocio.com, with your needs and we will find the right match for you..

Q: What are grounds for a full refund?

If a cancellation request is received before the first session, you will be issued a full refund.