Recruitment Policy/Process Design

  • We help Startups/ New Teams to setup their recruitment process. Typical deliverables include.
    • Job Analysis and Design.
    • Building Success Profiles, Job Descriptions for critical roles and the organisation's Competency Framework/ Values.
    • Designing the organisational Recruitment/ Interviewing Process.

HR Policy/Process Design

  • We help Organizations design HR Policy/Process. Typical deliverables include.
    • Employee HR Processes & Policies Handbook,
    • Create market survey reports on industry specific HR practices & policies.
    • Performance Management System, Rewards & Recognition processes
    • Talent Mapping & Succession Planning Process

Compensation Benchmarking

  • We help Startups/ Teams understand Compensation structures in the industry. Typical deliverables include. 
    • Market benchmark report of your peers/competitors.
    • Design Compensation Structure as per organization structure.

Talent Development

  • We enabling training needs at different level of hierarchy. Popular Trainings include
    • Critical Skills at Work.
    • How to Conduct Interviews.
    • Interpersonal Communication & Negotiation Skills.
    • First Time Manager (People Management Essentials).
    • Managing Performance Review Discussions.
    • Coaching & Mentoring.
    • Leadership Essentials.
    • Self Awareness & Career Planning (using psychometric evaluation).
    • Managing Change in the Digital Age.

HRBP On-Demand

  • We can provide an HR Business Partner to support your needs on a part-time basis
    • You have a need of Senior HR Leader to be eyes & ears for the leadership but are not able to onboard a full-time employee considering cost. We can support you with the option for a Flexi-HR who can fit  the need  of being a strategic business partner to support you @ site or on a remote basis. Our expert HR Business Partners, can be available for few days in a month to support essential services.